My Artist Statement

Since I was able to hold a pen I drew things out of my head and animals I saw. I also was better at listening when I was allowed to draw so I drew most of my childhood life, in school as well as in my education as a graphic designer. I was always more the drawing artist than the designer. And I’m still better at drawing.

It’s difficult to hold everything together when interested in so many different topics. I’ve got a very broad body of knowledge and I’m currently exploring my mind through pictures and looking for deeper understanding of the world around me through thinking and art.

A lot of my images are commissions and represent more what the customer wanted or what I saw in his ideas. It’s a lot about a very intimate relationship between the character and the player, how they feel and act in their environment. When I’m not commissioning I’m drawing monsters and landscapes as a form of meditation or manifestation of my nightly dreams and adventures.

It’s hard to create something unique and different from what’s there already. From all other designers at my education I was the one with the weirdest Ideas, the one who connects the Job with something seeming out of nowhere, bridging gaps to all kinds of fields, like physics or psychology. Until now I always thought I had to suppress this way of thinking but only recently I found that it’s a skill and I can use and train it.

My art is my way to express my uniqueness in this world of felt conformity. I want to show you its flaws and invite you to leave it for some time, even if it’s only for a few minutes and create your own version of it. With your own rules and laws. Being an artist to me means freedom and being able to pursue goals I don’t know myself yet. Walking the path before I know where it leads is the greatest experience to me.

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